Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 5 of 30

Day 5!

Today was my first day back to Yoga after a week and a half of being away due to vacation.  Today's class was especially hard and had A LOT of twists going on; I felt like a pretzel at one point.  What does this have to do with my challenge you might be asking?

Research is telling me that day 5 can be extremely difficult in so far as your body releasing toxins into your blood stream.  Why? Well, from what I understand, your body has most likely purged the most recent toxins from your body but is now starting to work on the ones your body has basically been building up and storing in your system for your entire life.  This paired with yoga poses that are in essence squeezing and twisting your organs and essentially detoxing them has made for a not so great feeling day.  Here is the site that gave me the best description and explanation of what is going on. (you will notice.... it is one I refer to ALOT)

Here is a list of some of the detox symptoms you may be feeling by Neely

Mood swings 
Intense cravings 
Sinus drainage
Flu-like symptoms
Brain fog 
Increased urination
Increased appetite 
Increased thirst

I am experiencing 9 out of the 14!  Are you feeling any of these too?  Or if you have already made it through the detox stage and are in the "OMG I feel Amazing" stage, can you give any advice? Oh, and I have been drinking a TON of water today!!!  Peeing up a storm but hoping it will help me feel better.  Sorry for the not so happy toon to my blog today.  I am sure tomorrow will be better.

-left over trip tip
-left over veggies
* Throwing leftovers in makes it a more interesting scramble and if you are not a left overs kind of person this is a great way as to not waste anything!
Cup of coffee with almond milk

- Romaine hearts
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Cucumber
- Pine nuts
- Red bell pepper

-Apple pear
- 1 tablespoon nut butter (try to stay away from peanut butter.)
- 4 slices of salami
- Small handful of cashews
* Not all eaten at the same time!  I ate these snacks throughout my afternoon!
Homemade Pesto on baked salmon (make sure to salt the skin of the salmon!  It really helps with the flavor)
Lightly boiled Asparagus (3 minutes)
Bok Choy
**Here is a great recipe for Bok Choy!  It was easy, fast, and really tasty!

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