Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 13 of 30

Day 13!

Every day is getting easier and easier in regards to following the plan as well as to how I am feeling.  One thing that I have noticed in regards to the paleo community is that there is an extremely strong male fan/participant base and not a lot of women.  I am either not noticing or have not found more than a handful of women who are speaking about their experiences with paleo.  Even though the same principles still apply to men and women when talking about paleo and especially the 30 day challenge, men and women do have different levels of hormones that can be affected by diet change.  Specifically, I am speaking about how women are feeling during their period.

What I want to know and cannot seem to find is, do women find that their cycles, symptoms, moods, etc have changed since turning to Paleo?

Because I feel that I am most likely still detoxing, I am unsure if the different symptoms I am experiencing for my "time of the month" is how I am going to feel every month.  Some things are the same like back aches, cramping, bloating, and cravings but I am also experiencing new and different symptoms.  The new symptoms are head aches, dizziness, and my cravings have changed from wanting carbs to wanting foods that are high in fat; nuts in particular.

This is a subject that in and of itself is considered to be Taboo and I can only imagine within such a male dominated subject such as Paleo, it may be hard for me to find the answers I am looking for.  In the mean time I will make an effort to give my own personal story in regards to my period in hopes of either shedding light or opening a door on the topic.

Scrambled eggs
left over burger and kebab
1/2 small avocado

3 slices of turkey
*Applegate makes a great one with NO SUGAR!
2 tablespoons Nuttzo nut butter
Butternut squash
 (the squash will fill you up fast so don't gobble it down or you might get a tummy ache)

1 small Brauburn Apple
3 slices salami
small handful of pine nuts and cashews

Home Made Chili
*I added onion!

-mixed greens
-peeled carrot slices
-balsamic vinegar
1/2 avocado

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