Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 15 of 30

Day 15

Today I had a double workout!  I went for a run with the dogs this morning and then met up with some friends for a really hard yoga class this evening.  To anyone who says yoga is not a workout, go to YogaHop in Santa Monica and take Kourtney's class.  Seriously hard class but with great hip hop music!  It is so much fun but make sure to bring a towel because you will SWEAT!

After Yoga a couple friends and I went out for dinner.  I was a little nervous seeing as I haven't really been eating out, especially for dinner while being in the midst of my 30 day challenge.  Never the less, I conquered my fear and was super happy with my meal.  I did make sure to politely ask the waitress if there was any butter involved and instead of  the side dishes that came with the meal I asked to just have a green salad with vinegar on the side.  No problem!  She was super sweet about the whole thing and even brought me some extra salad because she was worried I didn't get enough.

Some advice when ordering while on paleo:
1. Ask questions
- Don't be shy and just assume it will be OK.  Ask if the dish is cooked in butter or if bread crumbs are involved.
2. Be Polite
- Being aware that even though you know you are just paleo, everyone else may think you are just super picky!
3. Don't worry about what others are ordering
- Don't make a big deal about your dish vs theirs and don't let them apologize for ordering food they really enjoy and want to eat.  Just because you are not eating it doesn't mean that you have to make others feel bad about it.  Besides, you might actually enjoy your own meal more than what they are eating anyway!

Scambled eggs with leftover veggies and carnitas
Sausage patties
1 cup of coffee with almond milk

Pear and Salami Salad

1 small fuji apple
1 Tbs nut butter
1 small handful of pine nuts and cashews
2 slices of salami

Dinner: @ Blue Plate on Montana in Santa Monica
Grilled salmon


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