Friday, May 11, 2012

Day 16 of 30

Day 16!

Have you read this article, "Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing", by Gary Taubes?  The title really says it all.  The article talks about how the government has been approaching Americas obesity problem incorrectly for way too long. Fat is not bad, sugar is toxic, and the old calories in vs. calories out mantra is not true!  It also explains what is most likely making people, especially children fatter than ever before.

This article is directly related to Paleo principals and if you are currently thinking about giving paleo a try then read the article, look up what the basic rules of paleo are about, and get started already.  

My workout recap for the week:
Monday and Wednesday : YOGA
Tuesday : Run
Thursday: Run in the AM YOGA in the PM
Friday: Day off!

Scrambled eggs with mushroom and onion
Sausage patty
1/2 small avocado

Salad with turkey slices

1 small fuji apple
1 Tbs nut butter

Paleo Margarita 
*Happy Friday!

Seared Scallops

Tri Tip Roast
Green beans


P.S. I found an awesome Paleo / Crossfit page by a woman!  Her name is Juli Bauer

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