Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 28 and 29 of 30

Day 28 and 29 of 30

As I said in my previous post, my mom was in town and so it was a little difficult for me to blog.  I did however stay completely strict paleo and went out to eat 4 different times!!!!

The biggest thing I can recommend for going out is ASK QUESTIONS!  Make sure to ask how the meat is cooked and how the vegetables are cooked.  Just because at home you might saute your veggies in olive oil or coconut oil does not mean they are going to be cooked that way when you are out!  Most of the time restaurants are cooking in butter!  Normally, that is not really the end of the world but when you are still in your cleanse it can be a bummer to work so gosh darn hard only to have butter on your veggies!

Also, don't feel bad about asking for things on the side or removed from your meal.  I cannot tell you how many times I asked for at least 3 ingredients to be taken off the dish so that I could make it paleo friendly.  Unless the dish is pre-prepared with those ingredients, most restaurants will have NO problem making sure your meal is paleo friendly.

Finally, now that I am one day away from completing my cleanse I have to tell you that this is a lifestyle worth trying and continuing.  As I keep saying and probably will continue to say going forward, I feel AWESOME!  I have lost weight, I am sleeping better, and I am all around much more confident about myself.  I feel like I am getting back to the woman I was when I met my husband; Fun, flirty, energetic, funny, and just happy!

Day 28

Scrambled eggs with left over  meat loaf
fresh stone fruits from the farmers market

Apple muffin (paleo)
1 small fuji apple

Kale salad from True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica

James Beach in Venice California
Filet Medalions
Steamed Spinach
Norcal margarita


Day 29:

Scrambled eggs

1 small fuji apple

BBQ Chicken Pieces
BBQ Asparagus
BBQ Portabello Mushroom

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