Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Day 34

Day 34
Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragoso!
I used Chorizo instead of italian sausage and it was sooooo good!

Yesterday I made a delisious paleo lasagna.  No it was not traditional and did not have any pasta in it but it did have layers.  Layers of vegetable and meat.  Oh and did I mention it was super easy to make!!!?  What could be better than that???

I am constantly surprised by how yummy food can be and how much I am enjoying cooking ever since I decided to go paleo.  One of the biggest concerns I used to have with cooking was getting everything out on time at the same time.  Questions like, are the vegetables going to be done when the meat is done, did I forget to put an essential ingredient into the dish, did I put too much spice, etc. are not really a big concern for me for several reasons.  First, because I am enjoying cooking more, I am taking the time to really read the recipe and prepare as many of the ingredients before I get started with the actual cooking as I can.  Second, If I forget to put something in or add something else, most of the time the meal is still super tasty because I am using so many new and different spices.

There have been a couple times where a dish has turned out to be REALLY spicy because I put too much black pepper or cayenne pepper but luckily, my husband and I love spicy food so we just man up and chow down even if there are a few tears along the way! My lasagna was one of these cases.  I think it had to do with using Chorizo instead of Italian sausage.

A great tool to have in the kitchen and what I used to thinly slice my zucchini!  A Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline.  Under $30 and probably my new favorite kitchen toy!!!!

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