Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day 7 of 30

DAY 7! Officially 1 week of eating Paleo!!!

Today marks one week down of eating a Paleo diet.  I think that deserves a small pat on the back!!!

Slightly low on energy today but otherwise feeling OK.  Yoga was pretty tough seeing as I am still feeling a little cloudy in so far as my mind is concerned and am breathlessly awaiting that "Om" moment of clarity.

On another note, in doing some research into why I might be having a hard time getting back into my work out routine I came across a really interesting site! He is an athlete and touches on the point that while your body is busy getting itself "healthy" you may not be having the easiest time with workouts but that in the long run (and hopefully after two weeks) you will be feeling much better.  I will let you know if what he says is true and how I end up feeling!  Cross your fingers!

If you are still confused as to what you can and cannot eat he has a great page dedicated just to that!

How am I keeping dinners interesting?  I am thinking of food I really like to eat and challenging myself to make them paleo!  Sometimes it might not be able to be done but it makes you really look at what the ingredients into some of your favorite foods are and how you can make it paleo and delicious!

Scramble with leftovers!
-Chicken from last night chopped up
-Sauteed Onion
-Cherry Tomatoes
-Basil (added a really fresh taste to the eggs!!)
- Applegate (It is really hard to find a bacon that does not have sugar in it! But they do make one which is really tasty)

Chicken breast with mustard
- I know... it sounds boring but, this is why it is good to make enough for leftovers!  Some days you will not feel like cooking or throwing something together and having great quality ingredients and food in your house can make any leftover meat really tasty!  I really enjoy Dijon Mustard: Moutarde De Dijon. It is a spicy dijon mustard that I LOVE!  It had a black label with white writing on it.

1 small fuji apple
1 Tbls nut butter

Steak Fajita Salad without tortillas
-home made fajita seasoning
we did NOT put in the cornstarch, sugar, and chicken bouillon cube.  This is a total re-make for us.  Better than store bought!
Tomato salad
-I was lazy and did store bought from Whole Foods!!!  Soooooo yummy
Mango Salsa
-leftover from the night before
Fajita shrimp
-Just used the same seasoning as we did for the steak!!!!

Blueberry margarita
-coconut juice
-muddled fresh blueberries

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