Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 9 of 30

Day 9!

Today I am absolutely feeling the effects of my bike ride from yesterday which means I am broken but in a good way.  In case you were wondering, I am NOT a cyclist. I ride on a comfy cushy hybrid cruiser type bike which is great for around town.  My ride was from Venice down to Manhattan beach and back.  It is a beautiful ride and not too hilly which makes for a lovely day. A lovely day that is until you are on your way back and your legs start cramping, but still fun!

Since it is Friday, I will recap my exercise for the week. I did Yoga on Monday and Wednesday, went for a run on Tuesday, and a bike ride on Thursday.  With all of that going on plus feeling really run down today I have decided that today is a day off from working out. I do believe that there must be a balance between working out, having fun, and the food you eat.  Since I have been doing such a great job with sticking to my strict paleo diet I need to remember to be aware and healthy about exercise.  This is something I feel is good for anyone and everyone.

I have done research on this topic and a lot of the research shows that there is such a thing as OVER exercising.  It can happen and can result in injuries galore.  Who wants to get injured and be out of commission potentially for weeks after making such a great effort to live a healthy lifestyle? Not me!  I like to put all of this into the category of "Be Kind To Yourself".

I know today's post isn't really about paleo but what you will find when doing research is that with paleo comes exercise.  It is not really a diet in which you will just do the diet and not do any form of working out.  The best part about paleo is that whatever your exercise preference is, paleo works really well with it.  You could be a city dweller who happens to walk all over the place, a runner, a swimmer, a yogi, a crossfitter, etc. and coming from my own experience you will notice a difference in your work outs once you start putting good clean nutrition into your body and get rid of the toxic waste.

I feel like my body is becoming more efficient when I am working out.  I also don't crave carbs when I get tired afterwards.  I want fresh veggies and MEAT!  I know it sounds crazy but to be honest I really don't miss sugar or carbs.  I have moments where a yummy chunk of cheese sounds good or a nice fresh parmesan but honestly, I don't crave them in the way I used to.  I don't feel like I need any of that stuff in my diet.

Also, I am noticing that my body is telling me when it is done eating.  I don't over eat to the point of being in pain any more.  This might sound silly to some but I used to think I was really good at stopping myself from eating when I thought my body was done.  Perhaps a small feeling of "full tummy" would occur but now I know that I was most likely overeating at almost every meal.  Now, I don't even really think about it when I am eating.  I just put my fork down and say to myself, "that was tasty" and move on. I feel satiated when I am done and never feel FULL to the point of being uncomfortable!  It is awesome!

Scramble eggs
-leftover sweet potatoes chopped into small bites
-sauteed onions
*Super duper tasty! The sweet potato worked really well with the onions and eggs.  I added some salami cut up into small pieces in order to add a little salty goodness to the sweet.  It really worked out well.

Left over curry
1 Tbs nut butter (with NO peanuts!)

1 small Fuji apple
a small handful of cashews

Ground Turkey Lettuce cups
-1 lbs white ground turkey
-1/2 lbs dark ground turkey
-home made fajita mix
**find recipe on day 7
-Ice Burg lettuce for the cups
Vegetable saute
Cholula hot sauce
**make sure to see what is in your favorite condiments.  There may be sugar!  Read ingredient label as often as you can.

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