Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 37!

Day 37!

Coconut oil is something you will find everywhere when looking at paleo friendly foods and recipes.  It is an absolute must to have in the house and personally, I think it tastes pretty gosh darn good!  Coconut oil has some pretty significant health factors to it (in the good way of course).  It is really good for your Hair, Weight loss, Digestion, Immunity, Heart Disease, Healing and Infection, as well as a whole lot of other things.

Most people want to be afraid of coconut oil due to the saturated fat that is found in it.  People need to get over the fear of saturated fat.  The idea that saturated fat leads to heart disease was in fact a hypothesis formed by Ancel Keys PHD in 1953 when he published the paper, "Atherosclerosis, a Problem in Newer Public Health."  Keys wrote that while the death rate in the United States was declining, the number of deaths due to heart disease was steadily climbing.  And to explain why, he presented a comaprison of fat intake and heart disease mortality in six countries. The United States, Canada, Australia, England, Italy, and Japan.

I am sure that with this new little tidbit of information you are just dying to read more about coconut oil and saturated fats right?  Well here are two more sites that will give you a lot of food for thought.

Don't you just love how Paleo makes you question things you thought you knew so much about?  I am finding that I have to question a lot about what I have been taught in so far as health and health food.  It makes the whole experience a lot more fun for me and I hope it does for you too!

Pesto Scrambled eggs!
*I used leftover pesto that I had made the other night and put a spoon full into my veggie mix right before throwing in the eggs!  So Yummy!
Home Made Pesto:
2 packed cups fresh basil
1/2 cup pine nuts 
3 garlic cloves
1/3 cup olive oil
*Put Basil, Pine nuts, and Garlic into a food processer and pulse until totally chopped and looking like dry pesto sauce
*Right before you are ready to use blend in the olive oil.  You may use more or less olive oil depending on your own taste.
*Should last about 1 week if well covered in the fridge.

Two Apple Muffins
(recipe in Everyday Paleo by Sarah Fragaso)

BLTA salad
-Balsamic vinegar

Small handful of macadamia nuts
1 small Fuji Apple

Paleo Hot Wings
Cauliflower rice
Ground Turkey saute

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