Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Road Back is Bumpy

Heading back to the Paleo lifestyle has been a rough road if not non-existent. At least until recently.  I have had good intentions and would love to be able to blame my lack of will on pregnancy cravings (of which I will if asked in person) but unfortunately, I have to admit I have been enjoying eating a lot of the non paleo foods.  I have not however, been enjoying the way I have been feeling.  And so, the time has come for me to do something about it.

Since getting pregnant I have dealt with the normal nausea and fatigue symptoms as well as aches and pains that go along with being pregnant.  Most of which have been related to my pelvis popping out of place due to the little person I am making but a lot of that was aggravated by the way I was eating.  It is not like I was eating horribly by any means.  I wasn't eating fast food every day and tons of corn syrup filled cookies.  No, I just wasn't eating as cleanly as I could have been and in a way I know makes me feel at my best.

So, you may be asking...  What have you started doing differently and how in the world has that made you feel any better?

I have gone Gluten Free.  What? Yes, Gluten Free.  Baby steps remember!?  By doing something as simple as going Gluten Free I have reduced the amount of swelling and puffiness that I have been experiencing as well as taken my pain level (which was through the roof most days and all over my body) down to being a problem only when I overdo it in a single day.  Not everyone who is Gluten Free has Celiac disease.  A lot of people are intolerant to Gluten and because they are not at the extreme end of the spectrum with Celiac disease they don't know that a lot of their tummy woes could be due to Gluten.  I found out that a lot of mine were most likely due to Gluten.

In so far as how my tummy feels?  Well, I am less gassy (which for pregnant women can be a big problem) and I haven't been having problems pooping.  Yes I said it.... Pooping..  When you are pregnant, you learn new and interesting things about what your body can and cannot do as easily as it did before there was a little human jumping around on your bladder and general insides.

All in all, my goal is to be as close to paleo if not paleo by the time I give birth.  I only have two months left so not as much time as I would like but by giving myself a deadline I feel I have an end date and a great goal that I know will make me a stronger and healthier Mommy.

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