Thursday, January 24, 2013

Food Should Taste Good

Food should taste good.

On my journey back to Paleo I am remembering that there is no reason why I should ever feel like I am missing out.  In case you have forgotten.... I am not exactly a Betty Crocker type or a Martha in the kitchen.  I like need meals to be easy in order for me to enjoy cooking.  My husband and I both cook and honestly I enjoy just being a sous chef making sure to get the small stuff ready while he works on the main course which is usually some sort of meat.

It has taken me almost 4 years to get to where I am in the kitchen.  I still have moments where I get frustrated and just want to walk out of the kitchen and leave whatever is happening for my husband to figure out and potentially fix.  For those instances we are lucky to have a few restaurants really close by so we can always head out and eat something else if it is a total disaster in the kitchen.  Or another tried and true answer is to just make breakfast for dinner (eggs etc).

The other side of that coin is that without moments of utter frustration and what may seem like a complete failure in the kitchen, I never would have learned how to do any cooking what so ever.  I would probably still be eating cereal for dinner and a lot of cheese rolled up with turkey slices.

Seeing as I am super pregnant (16 days left until my due date) I want to make sure I am not only putting good food into my body and into my families bodies but also allowing myself to try new things (yes for this blogs purpose those things are in the kitchen).  Pretty soon there will be a new little life in this house where literally everything will be a new experience.  He is going to experience frustration with not being able to do some things right the first time around but with the right support and role models to look up to he won't have any problem giving it another try.  Crazy emotional thinking occurs when you are pregnant and in the kitchen attempting to back something super sweet yet healthy because you are doing your best to stay away from cinnabuns.

In the end the moral of the story is the same...  If you try and fail the first time...  Get your A** back out there and try again.  In my case I get my A** back in to the kitchen and try again!!!

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