Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2 months post pregnancy

2 Months Post Baby

Here I am one month past my hectic 36 hour / emergency c section labor and delivery with a beautiful baby boy and couldn't be happier.  Of course, if you have been following my blog you know that I was working towards being back to a paleo lifestyle by the time my little boy was born.  Did it happen?  Not exactly.  Am I paleo now? Almost....

Leading up to the labor and delivery I had made it back to living a Primal lifestyle but being in the hospital for 5 days made it very hard for me to stick to anything other than making sure I was eating and drinking enough in between trying to figure out how to nurse, sleep, and deal with the pain I was in.

Once I got home however, I did in fact go back to Paleo.  Why? Not only did I want to feel the way I did before I was pregnant again but because I wanted to eliminate some potential bad tummy reactions my new baby might have to dairy and glueten.  If you have never had a newborn in your house you know that if there is a possibility that by cutting certain foods from your diet you might get a little more sleep... Then you just do it....

And so my journey towards paleo has begun again and is pretty gosh darn close to where I was before pregnancy (in the way I eat.  I am not that lucky to have dropped all of the baby weight yet).  Have I had a few sips of my husbands beer since I have been home? Yes I have. Other than that I have been pretty good.  (I say pretty good because I have eaten green pees and a few other vegetables or pieces of dried fruit that are not technically paleo)

The first two weeks home were the hardest for me so far.  Not because of the diet but because of other stressers in my life that made me want to scream.  For me, I normally would be able to get out of the house and go for a walk with the dogs (and before pregancny I would go for a run or hit up a yoga class).  Being home after having a baby and major surgery made getting up and moving around almost impossible.  Luckily, I had started doing something positive for myself which was putting good food in my body.  (in the hospital I ate what they brought me which was far from the paleo lifestyle which is why it was so important for me to get back on the horse as soon as I could)

Now that I am able to do more around the house, get out with the dogs and baby for a walk, and just generally feel more capable I am so happy I made the decision to put good clean food in to my body.  Not stressing about what I am eating and just making sure I am drinking plenty of water and eating when I am hungry makes me feel positive and happy which is the kind of mom I want my little boy to have.

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